Welcome to Minstrel Court

Specialising in all year round outdoor ceremonies whatever the weather, Minstrel Court is a complete events venue for weddings, ceremonies, and parties featuring a beautiful listed building complex close to Cambridge overlooking a private lake set in over 4 acres of sensational gardens!

So why choose us?

Gather together a few wedding brochures or take a look at half a dozen events web sites and you will find no shortage of venues prepared to host your special day, be it a wedding, party or function, all of them using phrases like ‘personal service, tailoring your day, sensational catering, wealth of experience and every detail’!

When we decided to open Minstrel Court we visited many wedding and events venues to see what we could learn, and guess what – nearly all of them did match up to the brochure claims! There are some good people out there, be they caterers, event planners, flower arrangers or whoever and the chances are, wherever you choose, the staff there will do their best to make sure you have a great day! So what makes the difference?

After speaking to many customers three things seemed to matter – facilities, flexibility and price!