All Inclusive Food!

At Minstrel Court many Couples choose our great value all inclusive special deals. As far as food goes, this includes;

Canapes (see selection under ‘Ideas’)
Sweet Course (for some suggestions look under ‘Desserts’)
Evening Buffet (Buffet 1 – to change or extend this just pay the difference between your chosen evening option) – for different evening ideas see under ‘buffets’
Any aspect of our deals are flexible and may be changed – for instance, Bacon Rolls in the evening instead of a buffet. You can also add a starter course from £8.95. Our all inclusive main courses include one main course and a vegetarian option plus any special diets and a single choice of dessert. We can offer a choice of two pre-selected courses (main or dessert) for an extra £1.99 per person
See below for some other suggestions and the uplift charge pp – this list is not comprehensive and we are always open to suggestions!

NOTE – once booked, the basic package prices are guaranteed and the price and everything included will not change. The upgrades below are current prices and may change slightly