Sky Bar


1. Stunning LED Cocktail Bar
2. CD player for background music
3. Thermostatic heating
4. Comfortable lounge seating for 28

Next to the Regency Barn and leading off the Long Gallery is the Granary including our amazing Sky Cocktail Bar. We always felt that with many venues the bar was almost an afterthought when in fact it is the hub of the evening party and should really have a wow factor!

The Granary with its high ceiling is over 84 square metres (7m x 12m) and includes the Sky Bar itself – over 25 feet long so there is plenty of room for even the largest wedding and is fully backlit with LED lighting to create an amazing effect.

Although some people want to be in the same space for the entire day, we believe that in the evening not all the guests want to shout over a disco – many just want to sit and talk. The comfortable lounge seats allow guests to relax and chat and because the dancing area is right next door accessed through quadruple opening doors so they can still feel part of the party.

The spacious rest rooms lead off the bar including a full disabled toilet