One of the problems we have found with web sites is trying to translate the thousands of different options offered into a few, concise, easy to read pages. After all, since all our events are tailored to your requirements, no two are ever the same! The headings below give some idea as to the range of choices available but bear in mind they are only a guide.


Essentially, most weddings consist of either;
1. Afternoon wedding breakfast and an evening ‘do’
2. Late Afternoon breakfast running on into the evening.

Wedding Breakfasts can be

  1. A full served 2 course meal
  2. A full served 3 course meal
  3. Canapes or a served starter followed any number of ideas – we have hosted buffet style Carveries served by our chefs, individual joints carved at the table by guests, Picnic Hampers to share, served Spit Roasted Pork served plated or on platters on the table, full plated meals or barbecues – the list is endless! Accompaniments can be served on the plate or in platters or dishes on the table depending on your preferences. .

Evening Events can be;
1. Food which guests can enjoy all evening – usually variations on some kind of buffet or Cheese/Meat Platter.

2. Food which is served at a point in time, continuing for a given amount of time, usually served hot such as Hog Roasts, Bacon Butties, Hot dogs or deep dish Paella/Chilli etc.

Other ideas;
For late weddings perhaps cream teas on the lawn before the ceremony, or maybe canapes from our extensive selection. Canapes can be great to fill the ‘gap’ after the wedding and before the main meal whilst photographs are being taken and can even replace a first course for around the same price! For later on we offer a ‘retro’ sweets table bursting with flying saucers, blackjacks, fruit salads and love hearts!

These can only be suggestions – after all, it is your day and in the end, we are here to help!