Bridal Dressing Room

Minstrel Court Wedding Dressing Room - our in house Salon!
Minstrel Court Bridal Dressing Room with Daylight Panels


1. Large Daylight Make-up Panels
2. Space for a whole Bridal party!
3. Tea and Coffee making equipment
4. Secluded Access so Brides can arrive on site at any time without being seen by the Groom or guests
5. A useful secluded room during the evening

Accessed by a door from the Long Gallery, the Bridal Changing Room also has a back door leading to the courtyard car park where Brides can arrive without being seen! It has its own Toilet and is fitted out as a mini salon with huge mirrors and professional daylight dimmable lighting panels which should please any make-up artist!

This space can also used in the evening for changing, storage of bags, a rest area for children etc.