Minstrel Court Tempura Wedding 26.8.2016
Minstrel Court Weddings - hog roast
Minstrel Court Wedding Venue - Meze


Before we began hosting weddings we accompanied a relative as she visited venues planning her perfect day! What surprised us was how inflexible many places were regarding food and drink – you were offered a starter from one menu and a main course from another etc. (It was only when we began hosting weddings ourselves that we realised why – many venues hold hundreds of weddings a year and given that number, even for the really excellent ones, it was virtually impossible for them to be really flexible regarding food)

Because Minstrel Court is a family run venue, we decided long ago to try and hold just a couple of weddings each week. This allows us to be more flexible regarding timings and of course food, which in turn means we can get great chefs who are capable of, and enjoy, producing a wide range of dishes on an individual basis, even to the extent of sometimes following recipes provided by the Wedding Party!

So from Fish and Chips to Indian Curries, traditional three course roast dinners to giant Paellas, Barbecues to Cream Teas, we will talk to you to ensure that all food on the day is your choice – not ours!

You can find dozens of ideas and options on our catering site here

As always, we are always open to your ideas and suggestions – just contact us and ask!

Subject to availability we now allow outside catering on Sundays. Please contact us for details