Many Venues provide long lists of ‘recommended suppliers’ because they take a percentage of the fee as commission which we choose not to do. Over the years many great wedding suppliers – make up, photographers, cake makers, photo booths whatever, have worked here and finally the list became so long that it became meaningless. In the end we removed most of them, decided to let you choose your own and we wish you good luck – there are some great people out there! We retained a few and they are shown below. Minstrel Catering is our in house company!

Minstrel Catering

Although under certain circumstances we do allow the use of outside caterers, the vast majority of our weddings and events are catered by our own superb in house team. Our web site give an idea of what we can do, but unlike many venues who insist you stick rigidly to their ‘pick a starter from menu A and a main course from menu B’ we are always open to your own suggestions and we organise free individual tastings to make sure you get exactly what you want!

Gareth Squance

Gareth is a great local photographer and we have included him here because he also has a drone for amazing aerial images!

See the stunning film on our Home page!

Minstrel Court Disco

Run by our experienced in-house DJ the Minstrel Court disco is guaranteed to make any event memorable, always happy to play music suggested by you! With a full light and laser show, videos of the artists flown onto a screen and even Karaoke if required dance the night away and enjoy yourself. And Don’t forget our stunning illuminated Dance floor!

He can be contacted at

Luke Clough

Front Page

We do not usually put suppliers on our site but not only is Luke a superb magician but he got married here so he gets a pass!